Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas is Down and Little People Visit

It's always a bittersweet moment when I unplug the last of the Christmas lights.
The Cardinal Tree in the dining room is probably my very favorite and I save it for the last to take down.

Christmas is now packed away and in a NEW place this year!

This was formerly Amber's playhouse - then my Shoe House!!! Yes, I had SO many shoes at one time I stored them all in here! THEN it became the LAWN house where we kept all our lawn equipment. NOW it is the Christmas House!!! The best news is - there is room to SPARE!!!
I'm using some of the space by the door to store TOYS since we have so many little people visiting us these days!

Just LOOK who rang the bell at our front door on Saturday night???

What a sweet visit!

Rayne and Summer loved on Lucy!!!

Lucy loved on Sabrina!!!!

Rayne SO wanted to hold Maddie and she tried and tried to sweet talk her out from under the bed.
Just after she gave up - Maddie came waltzing out of the guest room!

Can you tell what kind of kisses Rayne is giving Granddad?
Butterfly kisses!!!


Rayne is a Cutie Pie!!!
She really is NO TROUBLE!!!!!

They were only here for a short time but it was long enough to cheer us up!!!

Rayne hugged Granddad goodbye.
She hugged me, too, but I looked like Phyllis Diller on a BAD day so NO pics of that!!!

No pics of me on Saturday OR Sunday!!!

The reason we needed cheering up was because our allergies had kept us choking, sneezing, coughing and gagging all weekend.

So Sunday morning we watched The Winning Walk on TV and missed church for the second time in a row! After sleeping in and a hot shower I felt somewhat better so I headed over to Dallas to pick up a couple of munchkins!

It was actually LOGAN'S turn but Kailey wanted to come, too!!!


Who got my TEA????

Logan is such a sweetie and the only one of the four that actually prefers ME to their Granddad!!!

Logan keeps herself busy and she is a tiny Susie Homemaker in the making!!!!


I think it's good for the kids to get some alone time every once in awhile.

Then they come together and continue to play.

Kailey has a favorite spot!
It's right up under Granddad's right arm!

The afternoon passed quickly as they played and played!

Just give them a box of lights!
It took them over half an hour to get it open!


We even stopped to eat supper and Kailey said, "I need to finish my lights!"
We did baths and then delivered them back home all ready for bed!

So was I!! By then my allergies had kicked up a notch and I shut myself in the bedroom at 10:00 with Ben Gay on my neck and Vicks Vapor Rub on my nose!
Poor Louis Dean thought he would more likely get a better night's sleep in the guest room.
I opened the door at 9:00 this morning feeling better.
SLEEP is a wonderful thing!

I lit a few candles today as I cleaned up a couple of rooms.

The foyer is done!

So is the front porch!

All decked out in her Valentine clothes!!!

The living room looks so much bigger without the tree and all the other 'debris!'

All the colored lights are down and the white ones are back for the rest of the year.
While I worked inside.....

Louis Dean worked outside.
He's preparing a place to store all the lawn equipment that we had to vacate from the lawn house!
Since it was 70 degrees today he thought it would be nice to spend the evening outside so he fixed us a fire.

And that's where we have been!

The gazebo is a good spot to do my blog post. I can hear the fountain splashing and the fire crackling.
This day is now done!