Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasures!

This morning Louis Dean went over to Quadville. After all the distressing things on the news lately, he said he needed a BIG dose of JOY!

The babies go crazy when he arrives and I think he is addicted to hearing them squeal and shriek -
"Granddad!!! GRANDdad!!!! GRANDDAD!!!"

While he was out from under my feet playing in Quadville, I was working!!
As in getting the rest of the lights on the tree and cleaning up the mess that comes with changing seasons. We seriously need to blow the leaves away from the front porch!
I vacuum and clean and then we track them right back in!

Ruth Ann has become my enabler! I not only filled MY cart - I filled HERS, too!!
I had a few bulky items!

I love it all!!!

It is like a treasure hunt! We went to the Goodwill and then DAV!

A brand new apron!

A brand new Open Heart Ornament.

The Living Room Tree is all lit! That two trees up and with lights on.
I have a tree in every single room of the house - including the bathrooms.

This tree has 1120 lights.
Not sure the Elf will stay but Sabrina stuck him up there tonight and I thought he looked cute.

Ruth Ann and I didn't get started on our Treasure Hunting until late this afternoon so we went right into art class mode!

I think I'm NEARLY done!!!
His back looks a little too large and there's some touch ups to do plus a session to glaze the canvas.
Cutting it close getting him ready for Christmas!!

We have a REALLY big day tomorrow and I am going to need every minute of my sleep tonight!