Monday, August 21, 2017

Home Sweet HOME!

No matter how MUCH we look forward to going somewhere - anywhere - 

It's ALWAYS a good thing to come home!
I spy! Can you SEE me??

We left New Orleans at 12:00 noon on Friday and pulled up in our driveway at 12:01 Saturday morning! It was a LONG drive! I drove ALL the way to Gulf Shores, Alabama and then I drove all but the last two and a half hours home. It was exhausting and I am still recovering.

We spent Saturday leisurely unpacking and putting things away.....that is AFTER we returned the rental car and ate a late breakfast at Joe's Coffee Shop.
We were both tired to the bone. Our Saturday highlight was watching the Dallas Cowboys play - and WIN!!! I know it doesn't count and it's just a pre season game - but it was fun!

Sunday morning I woke up late but still managed to get to church before Pastor Doug started preaching. Louis Dean was just not up to the hurry and scurry to get there since we had overslept.

I made Dilly Bits on Sunday afternoon.
They are a hit with all the grands and make a good substitute for croutons in our salads.
I was asleep by 10:00 Sunday night and didn't get up until 9:00 this morning.
AND I was STILL tired!
I just can't seem to shake the fatigue and a bit of the blues that goes with it.

We watched the solar eclipse on TV - seeing it in three different cities.
How thrilling to even see it on television - and I'm so happy some of my friends got to see it with their own eyes!

We enjoyed some unusual shadows between 1:00 - 1:30 here.

I'm slowly doing all the things I love to do.
Sprucing up the house and doing some cleaning along the way.

My Knight in Shining Armor caught me crying from sheer exhaustion and he sprang into action with his speedy drill and started doing as many repair jobs as he could find!
I am SO happy to have a brand new garbage disposal humming in my kitchen sink!
I have been using only one side of the double sink since Easter.
It took him less than an hour to fix it - but months to gather up the courage to tackle it!
I totally understand!

I know I have missed a few days in my journal posts but all is well with the Chapman's tonight.
Can you see me again??
This has been a no make up day and I have barely even combed my hair.
I DID put on earrings and perfume!

Everyone feels sad from time to time.
I'm being honest when I share that I have felt sad and experienced some of that 'numbing static in my head.'
The thing is - feelings are just feelings.
They are neither right or wrong.
They are feelings.
I think it's important to feel them.....and then release them.