Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday's Adventures With Ruth Ann......

My step son, Dean, told me about a cool place he thought his Aunt Ruth Ann and I would like. 
After my morning dental appointment, we drove over there.

He was right.
We loved it!
Such a pretty place with a very European feel to it!
We walked a few blocks just to see what we could find and settled on Astoria Caffe and Wine Bar for lunch.

We opted to sit outside...it was SUCH a beautiful day!
The prettiest October day of the month so far!
As we sat there, we could hear the people from the tables around us talking.
We heard people speaking in French, Italian, German and Russian.
It really did feel like we were in a different place.
And there were so many dogs! All on leashes and all very well behaved.

We were as relaxed as we have ever been just sitting out there chatting and people watching.
Our lunch was delicious - soup, salad, and half a panini sandwich.

We could have sat there all day!

We will be coming back in December and hope to sit in here by the fireplace.
We watched them put up Christmas lights at the Addison Circle and we will have a great view of them from in here.

After lunch we went for a walk. This place is simply delightful. 
There are trees on either side of the street forming a most lovely arch along the entire block.
Many streets were like this. 
The apartments were interesting with a call box at the entrance so residents could buzz the gates open for their visitors.

We stopped in at the Mad Batter Baker for Cafe Latte and a sweet treat to share.

I practically licked the crumbs off the paper liner of this carrot cupcake.
And that frosting........ah....
Ruth Ann and I split it but I could easily have eaten half a dozen of them all by myself!

The Caffe Latte was perfect!

We window shopped on our way back to the car.

It did feel like we had gone to another country!
Who KNEW this was right there in Addison??

My friend, Jutta, from Finland had been in one of her favorite shops recently and sent me a photo.

This shop is in Helsinki, Finland.
This Addison Circle area made us feel like we were world travelers!
Doesn't take much to entertain us!

And do you know another cool thing? 
We were less than 10 minutes from our favorite Goodwill on Midway Road???
I used my handy dandy Google Maps app and we were barrelling through the Addison Tunnel - which was a real experience!
We had no idea there was a tunnel over there and it was a little unnerving!

Before I went in Goodwill, I unloaded two bags full of clothes to the donation door.
Then I proceeded to fill my basket full of fall treasures!

My Fall Haul!!!

I have a soft spot for pumpkins!

And how cute is this??

This is a spooky read that I'm taking to the ranch with us.
What better out loud book for October?

When I get home from my outings, the first thing I do is to remove the price tags off and snap a photo.

Then I put things where they will 'live.'
This cute pumpkin has a votive candle lit and sits on the shelf as you come in the front door.

The fall sign hangs on the closet door knob.

Now this Christmas Reindeer is visiting in the corner of the living room because it's so close to time to decorate for Christmas that I didn't want to pack him up and then store him in the Christmas house.
I need to make signs for how many days before Christmas from card stock. Guess that got lost somewhere before he arrived at Goodwill.

The Halloween tree tucked in nicely by the sofa.

The Trick or Treat Basket will be filled and ready for Halloween.

I took the debris off the burlap wreath and put it in the truck to take to the ranch.

The S is for Summer and I hung that in the hall.

I love to use photos and things like the S as prayer reminders.

Louis Dean got his permanent Pearly Whites (crowns) today and has a beautiful smile!
But he's not used to them yet so I quit asking to see them.
As always, that man works away!

We came home earlier than normal today - around 3:00 - so we had time to rest before art tonight.

 Our second session on this Christmas Barn.
We are liking it a lot!

I'm painting two so I will take the top one with me to finish at the ranch along with the two Chimney Santas. My paint tub is already packed tonight and ready to load in the morning.

I'm closing this journal entry with a 'MiMi Brag.'

Grandson Levi is running for Student Council for his 5th grade class.

He is such a charming, funny and clever young man!!
His birthday is Friday and he turns 11!
Pretty amazing guy!!

That's it for this Tuesday.
All that's left is to pour the wine.