Thursday, October 8, 2015

Living the Country Life!

We are loving the country life! 

This morning when I woke up - after sleeping soundly! - which is the norm when we are in the COUNTRY -  there was a split second when I forgot we were HERE instead of at home! We had our coffee and did a bit of reading before we headed down to do our morning chores!

Farmer Chapman put his gloves on so he wouldn't hurt his city hands!

My chore was to feed and water the chickens.

I got a bonus!!

Louis Dean unpinned the goats and moved them so they could eat.

I helped him! I happened to get the more energetic goat so it was I that needed those manly gloves more than my more delicate husband!

Later in the  afternoon we moved them up by the camper so they could 'mow' some of the growth around there.

Just a man and his goats......

I fed the ducks and believe me, they came as soon as I called them, flying across the pond as fast as they could get to me!

Lucy is bewildered! Her beloved Dean is NOT here and she simply can't wrap her dog brain around that! She slept in the camper last night because I called her up from down where she was STILL waiting for Dean to open his door. This morning she took off back down there as soon as we got up and she stayed right by the steps to his trailer all afternoon. Poor girl! 

Louis Dean bought a new grill and was busy putting it together.

His grandson arrived and things started to go much faster!
They nearly got it all done!

While they worked outside, I was inside doing some writing and research.

My sister, Deanie, and I remember our Granny watching what she called 'her stories' way back when we were little girls. This would be in 1952 - 1957.
I brought my satchel full of notes and old photographs and it's amazing how quickly time flies when you start visiting the past!!

Right as I was starting to prepare dinner I remembered to run out and take a picture of this evening's sunset. We have had some clouds today which was nice but still no rain.

Our day is done and I hopped up to go out and take this photo before I close.
As you can see, Louis Dean is patiently waiting for me out there on the deck.
The stars aren't all that visible tonight since we have the cloud cover.
Still, it's a fine night to sit outside and enjoy the country life!!!