Friday, May 27, 2016

Long Slow Day Ends With Music in the Gazebo!

I am used to long days but normally they are seldom slow!

This morning I slept until after 10:00 and didn't leave the bedroom until 11:00.
It had rained in the night so we gathered in the den to read and then watch Alaskan Bush People - a refreshing change from the news!

Louis Dean has been manning the kitchen and I just avoid going in there as much as I can.
He makes good meals and serves them with a smile! Once I return to full duty that kitchen will require quite a bit of deep down cleaning. The floor is littered and the counters are sticky. The fridge is bulging and the stove is greasy but Louis Dean proudly informed me that he's been cleaning up after himself!

Today he made bacon and eggs with toast and coffee for lunch. After wards I left them to watch TV and I went back to bed.....

and I stayed there until late this afternoon. I was just so tired.

I cleaned my bedroom yesterday so this evening I cleaned my teeny tiny bathroom!

You wouldn't think it would take too long but I was working in there for a couple of hours.
The shower and the floor took awhile since I moved everything out and organized things.

I love my bathroom.

The scripture cards I keep out to read have been extra meaningful for me today.
 I have held my heart in prayer for much of this day.
This morning I learned that a dear friend to us over the years is in the hospital. He had a tear in his aorta and is now in a coma. Vee and John have prayed over our lives and our family and now it is time to earnestly pray for them.

While I worked inside, Louis Dean worked outside.
He put down the glass blocks to use in the walkway earlier this week.
Today it looked to me like he was playing in the mud but he said he was preparing an area for the storage building he's buying soon.

We decided to end our Friday in the gazebo.
It was light when we first came out here and here we are hours later - still in the gazebo.
Louis Dean fixed big fat sandwiches for us so we ate out here and then he brought out his guitar and started singing and playing.

A perfect way to end the day.


Louis Dean is singing and playing and Mother and I are smiling and listening.


The weather is nice and there's even a bit of a chill in the air so Mother has a blanket over her legs and I think I need to get a sweater,


He sang mostly hymns with a few folk songs thrown in for good measure.

Mother is loving it!


This one is for my friend, Jutta,
She and Louis Dean sang it together when she was visiting us from Finland last year.

Tomorrow is an extra BIG day for our family!!!
We celebrate the Quad's FOURTH birthday!!!!
Since I'm 'laid up' I haven't been over there helping with the party preparations and I really do miss doing that. Wild horses couldn't keep me from being at the party though!
Amber has a dinosaur theme and the kids are so excited - as are we all!!