Thursday, February 22, 2018

Louis Dean WILL Get Well.......It Just Might Take Awhile!

I'm so happy that Louis Dean felt better today!
While he is still sick, at least he could get dressed and walk to the car and then sit up long enough to get to the doctor and walk to the office.
It all took a good bit of energy and he was wiped out when we got up there.

He is the best sport in the world about me taking his picture!
You can't tell it here but he even shaved this morning!
Yesterday he could not have made it to an appointment.

He's lost 10 pounds since last Friday.

The doctor checked him out and decided to give him a breathing treatment.
That just about did him in! He couldn't quite finish it. The nurse came in about that time and he told her he felt like he was about to pass out. He had been sitting in a chair so she helped him up on the table so he could lie down and caught him by his belt and pulled him on over when he nearly toppled off. Praise God for strong nurses who do what needs to be done!
She let him rest a good long while and she even stayed in there and kept us company.
She said she didn't need the room - she had two others.
Perhaps it was a slow day but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
Louis Dean told her some of his stories about working in the bakery and his Shep Woolie story about 'diving off deeper and coming up drier!'
Most doctor visits are short and impersonal. Not so with Louis Dean's visits!
You think it's his charm? I think maybe so.
She called in a Rx for steroids and said to get that man a milkshake!
We will go back in one week for a follow up.

I took him home and settled him back in bed before I went out to do the errands.
I went to the grocery store for some protein shakes, fruits and such. Then I went to the pharmacy and picked up his Rx's. She advised him to use his inhaler as often as needed as this whole respiratory thing has kicked his asthma up several notches.

My last stop was Braums where I got him not ONE milkshake but FOUR!
He drank the first one and I put the others in the freezer where I can add a protein drink and mix it up in the blender tomorrow.
When I came in the door, I could hear Gunsmoke on TV!
Music to my ears!

I lit the fireplace and we sat in there - less than an hour - while he finished Gundsmoke.
Boy! Miss Kitty was really upset about something in that episode!

He went back to bed in the guest room while I did some housework.
First I picked up the 'clean rooms' and lit the candles before going to the dining room.

After I dusted and cleaned, I picked out two drawers in this small buffet and cleaned them out.
I found some old photos and a myriad amount of odds and ends. Lots of handmade book markers - from Amber and Benjamin and my niece, Sarah, and some I made on watercolor paper.
I have enough business size envelopes to last the rest of my lifetime and that of my children's!

This is the arrangement I made with the flowers from Goodwill.

I now pronounce the dining room CLEAN and the candle is lit!

I saw all over Facebook that today is National Margarita Day!
I crave salt so a good margarita is a favorite drink for me when we go out to eat.
No way that's happening tonight so I bought the ingredients to make my own.
I'll let you know how it turns out!

I told Louis Dean I would watch this movie with him so I threw another log on the fire and tuned up the VCR.

 Now I'm going to see about making that margarita!
I bought limes!