Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Bluebonnet Art Day

Today Ruth Ann and I found some Tuesday Treasures at our local Goodwill!

I forgot to take a pic of Ruth Ann's basket but she found quite a few things as well!!

This was my favorite!!
A tea chest!

I love signs and these two are already hanging in the gazebo!
That wine cork frame will hold a simple painting soon.

I have never found a purse that really works for me - but I keep trying!
Perhaps that's what Mother is doing with all those house shoes she buys......

Our movie of choice was The Monuments Men - perfect since it involved ART and this is ART DAY!

We started a bluebonnet painting tonight. This afternoon I gathered up the bluebonnet pictures I have painted in years past to refresh my memory! One of the special things about spring in Texas is the bluebonnets!

We gathered around the table about 6:30. The first session of a new project involves the tedious process of laying the palette. Since I freeze it between classes - we only have to do it once!
Ruth Ann is really coming into her own in art!

Sabrina has so much talent! She is a pretty amazing artist!

My daughter in law joined us tonight!

She is a natural!! She has an artist's eye for composition and color.

I knew she would be great!!!

We had the best time tonight!

I put out a plate of sliced brisket, smoked cheese (made by my DIL!) and crackers to snack on along with a pitcher of strawberry mint tea.

Sherry's sister, Cindy, was our cheerleader!!

Tonight we laid the palette, put on our pattern and based in the entire canvas.

After we finished everyone pitched in and put the dining room back to rights!

Except for the lingering smell of the oils and turpentine, you would never know we had been there!!

It's been a wonderful Tuesday!
Louis Dean has rested a good bit. He did the odd and end jobs around here- taking out the trash, unloading the last things in the truck, picked up prescriptions at the pharmacy, watched a little TV.

I like looking at the dining room pic!
Come Easter Sunday I will have all my children sitting around that table!!
It will be the first time for them all to be together in years!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuckered Out!

Last night Louis Dean, his son and I sat outside our camper visiting.
The camp was over and everyone had gone home.
The weather was perfect all weekend!

Then in the night WINTER returned! It rained, turned COLD, and the WIND!!
Oh, the wind was fierce!
Poor Louis Dean was plumb tuckered out!
He hates being COLD so I was so happy we had plenty of warm blankets in the camper.

Even Lucy was tired!

We decided to take our time and lingered over our coffee and Bible reading this morning.
The wind was still howling so we fixed us a bite of lunch and ate before packing everything up.
The rain grew heavier so Louis Dean went ahead and moved the truck up on the road by the camper instead of in the yard area. We did NOT want to get stuck in the mud!

But we DID!!! His son was able to get behind the wheel and get the truck back on firmer ground.
Dean has had a lot more experience getting trucks out of the mud than his dad has!
I actually drove the rest of the way up to the gate while Louis Dean walked.
We had pulled through the gate, locked it back and had taken off our mud boots when I remembered!
THE CAT!!! I had left the cat in the camper!
I put my mud boots back on and walked back up to the camper with the cold COLD wind blowing like crazy! It was quite a trick to get the boots off, go in and get the cat, get the boots BACK on while HOLDING the cat, and getting the door locked WHILE HOLDING THE CAT!

I had just completed the process and was walking BACK to the gate when Louis Dean phoned me from the truck and asked me to check the pump - to make sure I had turned it off.
BACK to the camper, unlock the door, take off the boots, check it out (YES! It was OFF!) and then repeat the whole process - all the while HOLDING THE CAT!
Once again I was walking back up the road when ONCE AGAIN my phone rang. Just answering the phone was a real trick. It was Louis Dean AGAIN! Would I please check the water faucet outside and make sure it was turned OFF? Praise God I didn't have to go inside the camper again to do this!
YES, it was OFF!!

FINALLY I made it back up the road and to the gate!

We were finally on the road!
Louis Dean was more than willing to stop and let me take pictures of bluebonnets on our way home!

We are starting a bluebonnet painting in art class tomorrow so I HAD to snap some pics to study!

It LOOKS like a pretty spring day but it was COLD!

We came home and turned on the heat in the house.
Louis Dean took a nice hot soaking bath and went to bed.
He is getting way too tired and I am going to slow our life down!
His doctor told him once, "Don't forget! You're not 65 anymore!!"
He will be 78 this year and I want to keep him a LONG time!!

It's always good to get down in the country and enjoy all that it affords.
But then it's just as good to come back to our own Home Sweet Home!!!

PS.....we unloaded the truck and I was busy doing laundry and putting stuff up when I remembered!
THE CAT!!! She was still in the truck!!
Poor thing! I hope we're not giving her a complex!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Karate Camp - Few Words - Many Pictures!

April is THE most beautiful month down here on my step son's ranch!
He says October comes in a close second!

The meadow made a wonderful place for a Karate Camp.

Lucy got in on the action at camp this year!

Louis Dean is sporting our new gravity chairs.....this is right outside our camper door.

Karate Games!

My step son is in the foreground left in black.

We had lots of great camp food!!
Pulled pork, beans, baked potatoes, nachos and more!

Lunch Break.....

Lucy had a lot of friends down here!

I was amazed at the creative combinations for baked potatoes!

Lunch was a success!

After lunch there was a break for fun and games.

The ranch has an awesome meadow for camping!

Real Karate men do dishes!!!

Some used the break to rest......

some rested in their tents.....

some used the time to practice their forms.

Lucy made new friends.

This lady was a lover of a pretty face!

We had lots of smoked chicken and brisket for the evening meal!

My super cute husband!

Bless his heart! He thought he could SIT on that ice chest!

Morning coffee in the meadow.....

Louis Dean loved visiting with all the karate people!

My favorite tree at the ranch!
This is above the barn......

Louis Dean at our campsite......in his new gravity chair!

My Karate Rock Star Step Son!!

Did I mention we had LOTS of food???

The newest resident at the ranch!


This was THE most delicious smoked chicken!
I just had some for a late night supper with a piece of smoked cheese and a dinner roll -
and a chilled glass of Chardonnay! The perfect meal!

Is he not CUTE???

No big bonfire this time. The wind was too high!
We settled for a fire pit one.

Breaking camp!

Yard art!

Love the beauty of spring down here!

My stepson is in the red shirt.
He is an amazing guy and does a great work with his Karate!

I kicked back in that gravity chair this morning and relaxed!

The campground is now empty.

Louis Dean helped untangle the goat.

He and I took a walk around the ranch this evening........

it is so beautiful down here!

I think I have said that before!

April on the ranch.


Lucy loves it here.

She loves the other dogs and tries to imitate them.

So many nooks and crannies to this ranch property!

The earlier rain gave way to blue skies this afternoon.

Lots of Indian Paintbrushes but NOT ONE bluebonnet!!!

Beauty everywhere!

The one and only cactus I found on the ranch!

We came across some interesting fox holes!

April Karate Camp is over.
The ranch is quiet tonight with just the night sounds.
We do love our visits here.
We will be going home tomorrow but will be back soon!
It is a wonderful thing to have a step son with such an awesome ranch that we get to enjoy!!
Thank you, Dean and Sherry, for all the good work you are doing!!
We are thankful to be a very small part of it!!