Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fluffing My Nest!

We slept like zombies last night! 
It was pretty late by the time we had unwound enough to go to sleep , but SLEEP we DID!!
I didn't wake up until 10:30 and was in deep sleep dreaming elaborate dreams right up to the moment of waking!

Coffee, COFFEE, coffee!!!!
Once we woke up good, Louis Dean made homemade biscuits and fried up some sausage and eggs.
We missed our Bible reading and Karate exercises yesterday so we picked back up on them today.
Then we went our separate ways in the house - doing what we do best!

Louis Dean puttered around making a microphone rack using some scrap lumber he had.
He is wanting to teach the quads some simple songs and thought they would enjoy using microphones! He has enough of them!!

While he puttered around, I fluffed up my nest by taking all the red out of the bedroom!

Funny, I loved the red but now that it's gone - it looks so much nicer!!

I thought I would miss the big red wreath on the mirror so I hung up a paper banner I bought at HomeGoods for $0.10 on clearance! I am LOVING it!!!

Everything got a good cleaning!

Now it looks all fresh and clean and ready for SPRING!!!

I save nearly everything but today I bit the bullet and threw out a TON of costume jewelry!
I always think I will use the bling and such for crafts or something.
It is a rare moment when I simply toss stuff out!!
This is all that's left on my hangers!!!

The bathroom got a good cleaning as well.
It makes me smile to see my fragrances lined up and then see the girls' lip gloss and the pink necklaces next to them. Logan gave me one of the necklaces and the other one is hers - but she leaves it here each week! We wear them all day on Wednesday, then before she goes home, she puts them back in the bathroom.

The candles made the room fragrant as well as giving a pretty glow.

I also cleaned the guest room and put on fresh sheets. Tomorrow we will be picking up Mother at the salon like old times and going out for lunch. Then we will bring her home with us for a few days.
My sister has been ill all week and I hope she gets well soon! We had already planned for Mother to visit and I know Deanie will rest better if she doesn't have to think about taking care of anyone else but herself!

Louis Dean built a fire outside this evening and as we gazed up at the moon we noticed the big elm tree is budding out! I suppose we pretty much missed winter here in this part of Texas!
Even our rose bushes are still blooming! I shall cut a bouquet tomorrow.
Now I am wondering - what do I do about cutting them back? This is the time of year I normally do this chore.

We have an early day ahead of us in the morning so that calls for an early bedtime!