Friday, August 1, 2014

A Very Special Friday!

Fridays are always special but THIS one was even MORE so!!!
Last night Mike installed my very own car seat! They bought it for me some weeks - maybe MONTHS ago-
in anticipation of me going solo with one of the quads!

TODAY was THE day!!!

Logan was a natural choice for the first ever trip out!
She is my 'Mini Me' and doesn't stray! She pretty much sticks to me like glue and I LOVE it!!
She is all decked out with cute clothes, sandals and sunglasses!
I called her 'Hollywood' all day long!

I was super excited!!!! I actually thought I might cry - but I didn't want to mess up my eye make up!

I don't think Amber cried either! However, this WAS the very first time one of her babies had left without Mommy or Daddy being with them!

Logan was perfect on the nearly hour long drive to Fort Worth!

She was treated like the celebrity that she is at the salon!!

Next stop was IHOP! Mommy had packed a super cool diaper bag with everything including an activity packet! Logan started off in the high chair.......

then decided she wanted to sit closer to me! No problem!

Mother was so happy! Logan's visit was a total surprise!

Mother smiled so big when I remembered to take our traditional Friday pic together!
She said, "THANK you!!"


The other three missed their sister.....especially Trystan!
It was a grand day and I hope to take each one out in time to come.
Perhaps someday I will work my way up to TWO car seats!!!

We returned home this afternoon.

Remember how we have forgot the cat a time or two?
Well, today she immediately jumped out of the car and went straight to the front door!!
She was happy to be HOME!
Our Maggie seems to have lost a lot of weight lately. She still eats and drinks, pees and poops normally.
Still, I am calling the vet on Monday to take her in for a check up.
Just to make sure she's okay.
I'm in the sewing room as I write and I can hear Lucy snoring in her kennel.
Guess she's happy to be back home, too!!

Louis Dean and I spent part of this evening sorting through four HUGE tubs of cookbooks that have been hanging out in the den since the water heater busted - long ago!
We whittled them down to three shelves in the bookcase instead of four.
Now we need to find some places to go tomorrow to look at cabinets for the utility room.
We will be staying home for awhile and hope to get some things done!
There's always ONE more thing to do!!!