Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Hanging of the Greens and a Photo Op plus LUCY is home!!!

Louis Dean and I made it to Sunday School AND church this morning!
Granted, we were a few minutes late but we're getting there!
We always go in and save seats for Amber and Mike and then watch for the text message that they have arrived. I go out and help Amber unload the quads and walk them all into the nursery class while Mike parks the car. We are loving our church!! Trying to remember names and events as we get 'plugged in.' 

It's hard to get a group shot of everyone! At least of everyone looking happy and smiling with their eyes open!!!

See what I mean???

I like this one!

We helped load the babies up to go home and waved them off while Louis Dean and I stayed for lunch at church and I helped with the 'Hanging of the Greens.' That's where we decorate the church for the Advent Season.
I parked Louis Dean in the foyer where he could rest while I helped the crew work.
I fluffed bows and flowers and garlands and checked light strands.
Louis Dean has the patience of Job! He doesn't mind sitting and just watching the action. I'm sure he has a sound in his head and he is playing the guitar in his mind!

From church we went to Quadville and I slipped up to Logan and Trystan's room to try to get them to sleep and take a rest for myself. As I was lying beside Trystan, she said, "I want to go home with MeeMaw!" Ah! I hope she always feels that way. Trystan was the very first one to say, "I go with MEE-MAW!!!" That was a couple of months ago. Now she has upgraded to going home with me!

After naps we all went up to Grapevine for a Photo Op.
Granddad is pretty good at keeping all four of the quads occupied!

Bless his heart! Harrison is such a BOY. He did a face plant on the driveway this morning.
Just in time for picture taking!!

My sweet Logan.


I just LOVED this antique car with the Christmas tree and flannel blanket!
On the way to Quadville I saw a new white Cadillac with a very similar tree on top.
Wonder if THAT was for a Photo Op??

Makes me smile just looking at this!

We picked Lucy up on our way home tonight.
She has been staying with Roy and Ruth Ann for over a WEEK while we were going back and forth to Fort Worth to take care of Mother and then when Louis Dean was recovering from pneumonia.
She loves staying with them and their sweet Molly Girl.
They kept Lucy for a month back in 2010 when we went to Scotland.
It's good to have her home.

Speaking of Mother - she has had a very nice weekend and is getting stronger and stronger every day.
We are all so relieved Mother is making such a good recovery!

The temps have warmed up a bit here but it is still comfortable. The rains of yesterday have moved on and we had blue skies today.....and WIND!!!
That wind didn't do Louis Dean much good!
No fire in the fireplace tonight but we ARE watching football - The Cowboys vs Giants.
Not sure if I will stay up for all of it. 
I need to get a good night's sleep because I have big plans for this Thanksgiving Week!