Friday, December 2, 2016

Our Bedroom All Dressed Up For Christmas!

After a solid 8 days of decorating, I am very close to being done.
Louis Dean and I were talking this evening and I realized I haven't even been out of the house since we came home from Fort Worth on Thanksgiving Day. 

I haven't had a bit of make up in over a week!
Granted, I was pretty sick with these Texas allergies and that may be one reason it has taken me so long to get this decorating done. I've had to take lots and lots of breaks. 

The arthritis in my right hand seems to have worsened in recent weeks making it difficult to so much as tie a bow. I exercise my hands trying to keep the fingers bending as much as possible for as long as possible. I'm finding that as I get older, I'm having to make adjustments here and there on one thing or another. Nothing ever stays the same. For anyone. It's good to be flexible not only in body but mind as well. That's one reason I gave myself permission to do a bit less this year. Gasp! I did not use every single bit of Christmas debris that I have! There are still tubs of it - not many but a few - still packed away. I used only the things that I really like this year. 

I think last year was the first time I really decorated our bedroom and we liked it so much I did it again. I put fresh sheets on the bed and cleaned everything up. I confess that today was the first time I've made up the bed in a week. What was the point? I kept returning to rest 'for just a few minutes!'

This year we have tiny trees on each side of the bed.
This is Louis Dean's side. He is so secure in his manhood, he doesn't even mind the lace and frills and he kind of likes the candle.

I slid his book and glasses up under the pillow when I took this picture.
I'm just now remembering that so I better go pull them out of there so he wont go looking for them.

The mitten garland was in the den last year.

But it looks cheery in here!

A couple of red stockings, some Christmas books in the rack and a tiny tree on my side of the bed.

Louis Dean and I flip who sleeps on which side of the bed off and on. When we use the attic fan, I sleep on THIS side because it's closest to the door and my side gets colder.
When I had the surgeries on my toes I went from one side to the other and back again.

It feels good to have the bedroom done AND it smells so good after it's cleaned.

The bathroom got a good cleaning, too!

It has its very own tiny tree!

Next was the guest room and we put clean sheets on the bed and set up the Christmas tree with colored LED lights on it for the quads to decorate tomorrow evening.

All that's left is Louis Dean's bathroom.
You will be happy to know that it's not heavily loaded with debris!

There's still one small tree, one medium tree and one big tree still to decorate.
All will be done soon.

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!