Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lady's Lunch, Slumgullion, Suitcase, Happy Trails, Mincemeat Bars and A NEW CAMERA!!!!

It has been such a nice Thursday!
Louis Dean went off to do errands right after our coffee and reading time this morning.

My friend, Brenda, came for lunch this afternoon. She and I have been friends for something like 30 years or more! While we usually eat our lunches together in the kitchen - I decided to use the dining room today. The table was already set!
Last night I made a hefty batch of Goulash - enough for Wednesday night dinner in Quadville with enough for our lunch today! I call the dish GOULASH but back when I was a little girl and Mother made it SHE called it SLUMGULLION! Now that just sounds nasty!!
Basically it is ground beef, onions, bell peppers, seasoning, tomato sauce and/or paste and macaroni.
When I served it last night, Amber remarked, "This is the food I remember you making when I was at home! You cook like you always have!"
Food shared with a friend along with good conversation is one of life's little blessings!

After she went back to work, I hauled out my suitcase!

I packed my makeup bag and toiletries. That was about it! I threw in 2 caps and a long denim dress that I like to wear in the evenings before bed. Louis Dean doesn't use a suitcase. He has duffel bags.

The reason I didn't finish packing is that I wanted to go listen to Louis Dean making music with his friends!

It just makes him so happy for me to be there!
What can I say?? I'm such a sucker for a pretty face!!
They play from 6:00 - 7:00, break for refreshments (I brought fruitcake cookies - which were a big hit!) then they play again from 7:30 - 8:30. It was fun!

Their closing song was Happy Trails and it brought back some good childhood memories!
What an awesome way to close a jam session!!!

Now for the Mincemeat Bars!
My kitchen is smelling heavenly as I write this!
They are warm from the oven and I may need to do a taste test before going to bed!
These are for my stepson and I will be sending them down to the ranch tomorrow along with Lucy!
Dean (stepson) has lost TWO beloved dogs within a week.
He is so tender hearted and right now his heart is broken.
We are grateful he is willing to keep Lucy while we go off to have an adventure in Colorado.

Finally we come to my last topic tonight!
My NEW camera!!!

I am rough on cameras! Amber and Mike bought one for me back in our Katy days. It was red like this.
I dropped that one in a wading pool while I was trying to take a picture of Logan.

Louis Dean graciously replaced it with this one. 
I have dropped that one, too! It still worked although the shutter lens didn't quite close for awhile.
And then Logan reached out and touched it with a peanut butter covered finger so there was always a blurred spot to the upper left of all my subsequent pictures.
See??? It's all about Logan!! Then last night I accidentally left the charger and extra battery in Quadville. We're leaving soon on vacation so Louis Dean went back over there to pick it up this afternoon.  The perk was he got to see the quads one last time before we leave so he was a happy Granddad and Amber was a happy mommy to get an unexpected small break!!

He came home by way of Best Buy where he bought the red camera pictured earlier!
I am loving it!!!!
I take pictures every single day of my life.
It may drive some of my family nuts and I do NOT take pics of those who wish me not to do so!!
STILL!!! I totally USE my camera and I am so NOT a photographer so I need an easy peasy one that takes decent pictures. You may notice I edit ALL the ones with the quads adding 'Linda's Life Journal' to them. The others need editing just because they NEED it so badly!

Now look at what my new camera will do.

ONE photo shot FIVE ways at ONE click!
This was my very FIRST photo with the new camera!
I could not have picked a better subject!

So instead of driving myself crazy so we can be ready to go Saturday morning at an ungodly hour -
Louis Dean and I have decided to relax and play it by ear. IF we are ready we will leave as planned.
If NOT - no worries! We can leave Sunday! After all - there is no schedule that demands we return at a certain time. At least there isn't now. I had to defer that jury summons.....again.

Baby POWER!!! And Other Quadville Happenings! But Mostly About Trystan!

 Louis Dean arrived early in Quadville this morning to go with Amber and the babies to the library.
This allowed me to get some extra sleep and was so thoughtful of him!

I met them at the library and they were playing after the story time!
I have loved books all my life and am pleased that ALL four of my children have all been avid readers. THEIR children are TOO!!!


Harrison is a great puzzle worker!!

This is a wonderful library! Perhaps I can use Amber's card and check out some things to read myself! I have not used the Irving library as I once did. I miss the thrill of bringing home a whole bag of books and spending hours and hours reading!! I also listened to many a book in our homeschooling days. One that comes to mind is .....

I loved the term "By God's THUMBS!!!"
another was......

We listened to audio books whenever we were in the car and often times after lunch as we rested.
Another favorite was......

To this day I love to check out books from the children's section and young adult readers!
To read for MYSELF, mind you!!

Amber has loved books all her life and I am thrilled to see how important it is to her that her children love them as well!!

Amber and Granddad grabbed some lunch at Chick Fil A while I went on back to Quadville.


This is where Granddad started telling the babies to say 'BABY POWER!!!'
I love to see Trystan say this!!!

Trystan was Baby A.....aka the Gatekeeper!!
She was a STRONG Baby A!!!!

After lunch we searched for and found Maggie!
Amber and Mike are going to keep her while we are on vacation.
All four of the kids love her......

but Trystan especially does!!!

Naps are wonderful things in Quadville and I usually take one too!
I slept HARD for 2 solid hours!
Think that antibiotics must be kicking in because I already feel so much better!

We all enjoy fresh air and playing outside so while Amber went to Physical Therapy -

WE had a tea party in the front yard!!


The kids have drinking from their little cups down pat so now we are slowly working on them POURING their own tea!

That little Trystan was just exceptionally cute today!


She does love DIRT!!

Kailey was there to help her clean up!

See what I mean??? She is A-DOOR-a-BLE!!!

We had to do a little clean up before going inside.
No problem! Kids love water and soap suds!


I don't know WHERE Trystan got her southern belle accent!!


Granddad had to go home so he could take care of Lucy!

Amber and I enjoyed watching the quads play.
Trystan is so good with Maggie!!!
We are leaving our Kitty Cat in very good hands!


Amber has long said the quads are extra cute after dinner and before bed.
They truly ARE!!!!!


We all went upstairs and, as is their tradition, the babies danced before going to bed!
Now wouldn't all of life just be BETTER if ALL of us danced for a few minutes before going to bed?? A little dancing and a hefty dose of laughing would do us all a world of good!
Now I may not be dancing but Louis Dean and I did do a good bit of laughing this evening!!
When I pulled the car in the driveway, Louis Dean was sitting there with a glass of wine for each of us. We were enjoying the night and it just got BETTER when our beloved neighbor's son walked across the yard to sit with us a spell! I have known him since before he was born!! I have loved him his entire life! Now at 26 he is an awesome young man. He recently returned home from serving in the Marines. He was stationed in San Diego after Afghanistan before coming back to Texas.
He had so many funny stories about the drivers in California - and here in Dallas as well!!!
We laughed and laughed!!! Now how many 26 year old men would choose to spend part of their evening with and old couple like us? It MADE our day!!!

So closing out this one with a smile on my face and laughter in my heart!
God is GOOD! All the TIME!!