Monday, June 27, 2016

65 Days and Counting!!

I am counting down the days to my very FAVORITE day of the entire year - September 1st!!!
The temps have not yet reached the 100's but it IS hot in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!!
Several of my plants bit the dust while we were down at the camper. I like to shop Lowes garden section because they always have a 'Reduced Price' section where they sell the tired and somewhat less than perfect plants which I then scarf up!!

I seem to have better luck with these than the full price ones.
Perhaps they are a bit hardier since they were still hanging on when I bought them!

I came out with a couple of small gardenia bushes (which will live in the part sun/part shade under the elm tree), a boxwood (which will live in the otherwise vacant back planter next to the pile of wood LD cut from the section of elm that fell on our gazebo at Easter), 10 containers of marigolds (to replace the mums that roasted),and a couple of begonias and sweet potato vines. I forgot - one Mexican Heather! Only the last three were regular prices!

This was my first time out of the house since Tuesday and I may have been a bit overly ambitious!
I was so ready to get back in the truck under the A/C!!!

We stopped in at Braums to pick up some milk and decided to have a burger and fries while we were there.

We drove home, unloaded the plants, watered them and I went straight to bed!
While I am not in bed all day every day, I am still a frequent visitor!

I woke up to the distant sound of thunder and it was getting closer and closer!
Rain!!! FREE water!!!!!

We grabbed a bottle of wine and headed out to the gazebo to celebrate!!!

Louis Dean has been working on the foundation for a storage building and he was pleased as punch that he got the frame down before the rain arrived!

It doesn't rain often in Dallas in the summer so this was a real treat!


We always enjoy watching the geckos stalk their prey! This one got a big catch!!!


Cheap entertainment!!
Yes, we are easily amused!


I think this is a few second video and a photo snapshot - two, I think!
My camera does things I do not understand!!

The rain lasted the better part of an hour!!
We sat and enjoyed every minute of it!
I did a little repair on the handmade table covering.
It is hard to fathom the number of hours someone put into this.
Would you believe I bought it at Goodwill for less than $5?
Some things just cry to be taken home by someone who will cherish them.

After the rain, the ground was soft so what better time to plant our flowers and bushes?

The yellow leaves from the elm tree are scattered all around the gazebo.
Yes, it's summer but I am dreaming of FALL!!

Only 65 more days and a Wake UP!!!