Friday, September 4, 2015

Home, Sweet Camper, HOME!!!

Last night when Louis Dean and I went to bed we were still so very tired. 
We had planned to go to the ranch the next morning, but he looked at me and said, "There's nothing to say we can't wait another day and go on Saturday."

However, after a good night's sleep, we were chomping at the bit to 'Get out of Dodge' as LD puts it!!! So within 3 hours of waking up - we were on the road heading SOUTH!

I almost felt GIDDY with joy as we headed down the highway!!

It was simply BEAUTIFUL today in Texas!

We are so blessed! Texas is a WHATABURGER state!!!
And THAT'S what we had for lunch!!

Next stop! Little Czech Bakery for all things APRICOT!!
I will be going into Waco later this week to Collin Street Bakery for their Apricot Pie!!
The best of BOTH worlds!!

On to Waco to the HEB!!!

I loaded up!!!
I was so HAPPY to be in HEB and all that this day means to me that I was smiling as if it was my birthday!!! I must say, when YOU smile so BIG - nearly everyone smiles BACK!!!

As we turned off to Mart, I finally took a quick pic of the railroad tracks that have grass growing over them.......looks kind of sad to me.

My handsome husband!!!!

I don't remember the name of the white wild flowers that bloom at the very end of summer but they were all over the countryside! You KNOW fall is approaching when you see them bloom!!!

We stopped at the Dollar Store in Mart before heading out to the ranch and who should we run into but Dean and Sherry!!! They are aka my step son and his wife!

We followed them through the back roads......

and so enjoyed the scenery!

We usually get lost when we try to go this route by ourselves!

It may be this ONE turn that gets us!

I do love this part of Texas!

Can you SEE it???

I can!!! Our HOME, Sweet Camper, HOME!!!

Lucy was so happy to see Dean!!!!

Tonight's sunset in the west.....

and the view to the east.

We are all unloaded and unpacked and I have put out my fall things for the camper.
I lit the special Fall candle Amber and the quads gave me on Wednesday. Amber knew we were coming down here and she knows how much I love 'special' candles! It's a bond we share!

I have had SUCH a wonderful day and the stars are shining so bright out there tonight!!!
Louis Dean is waiting for me to finish this journal entry and I promised him we would sit under the stars together with a glass of wine.

My heart is so full I can barely stand it!
It has been a long time since I have been THIS happy!!!!
I'm going outside now and bask in the glory of God's wonderful creation!!!