Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 3 With Jutta!!! Shopping!

Every day has been wonderful and a little different from the day before!

This morning we once again lingered over our coffee in the room before going in search of some breakfast. Jutta spotted this Happy Coffee Shop!!!
Here she is sitting in the sunshine she so loves!
Today was our shopping day!


First stop - the Tanger Outlet Mall just outside of Galveston!

We parked by this unique bush but I have no clue what it is!
The bulbs peel back to a slick green fruits or nut??

The shopping was good here AND the prices!!!!

I seldom buy new retail clothes but I hit the jackpot with 50% off this group of classic pieces!!!
All from Chico - my favorite clothes!!!

Jutta bought these sweet pj's for her soon to arrive this spring brand new grand baby!

And these are for her sweet Lumi!! Lumi means Snow in Finnish!

From there we braved the highways and drove through Houston to The Galleria!!

 THIS is beautiful......but we didn't see it in person!!!
I don't know how we did it but we never even FOUND this area of the mall!!!

We found Macy's and Nordstrom......

and lots of pretty window displays!


it or not........the only thing we bought at The Galleria.....

was a cone of spiced cinnamon pecans!!!!
Or as Jutta pronounced them - PICK-ins!!!!
I told her WE say - Pah-KHANS!!!
That's a Texas pronunciation!

I thought it would take 3 hours to get home this afternoon - but even after getting lost - it was less than TWO hours!!!! It took me and Jutta BOTH to navigate through all that traffic!!!

We arrived back at the hotel before dark!

While I rested, Jutta went for a walk along Seawall Blvd.

She and I exchanged gifts the night I arrived! A beautiful journal to record the special things my grandchildren say! A book all their own! The Finland book will bring Jutta close to me as I read it after she returns to her home. The scarf! Oh, THE scarf!!!!

I put it on before going to dinner tonight and it totally transformed me from a frumpy old woman to an elegant lady!!! I think I should wear this every single day!!!!
Jutta took this photo of me and declared, "This is WHO you ARE!! This is YOU!"

For our last dinner here in Galveston, we returned to......

WHAT a wonderful time we had!!!

HER dinner!!!

And MINE!!!

We loved the Tortuga lighted lamps!!

The restaurant is practically next door to Casa Del Mar so we walked there and back.
The water was beautiful in its turbulence tonight! We watched it on our walk and also had a good view of it from our seats in the restaurant.

We are back in our rooms now and I have once again pulled the sheets off the lower bunk bed to use on the sofa where I am sleeping. This is one way to make fitted sheets from flat ones!!
I imagine housekeeping is wondering why in the world the linens are pulled OFF that lower bunk every single morning when they come in!!!
I think I shall LEAVE them on the sofa tomorrow when we leave.
Then they might remember that they had not put any bedding other than a mattress pad on the sleeper sofa!!

It's an early night for us since we enjoyed that extra margarita!!!!
We will sleep well and continue our adventures tomorrow when we drive home and she meets Louis Dean!!!!