Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday is Our FUN Day!

Ruth Ann and I always run around together on Tuesdays! Sometimes we make our plans the day  before but as often as not we call each other shortly after we get up and have that first cup of coffee to decide what we want to do! Today we had pedicures! We BOTH picked PINK polish! Neither one of us usually choose pink so it was kind of funny we both did today!

For lunch we went right next door from the nail salon to 
They specialize in Argentinian empanadas and BOY-OH-BOY!!! They were delicious!! Ruth Ann and I each ordered two and then we split those so we had FOUR different kind! We will definitely be going back there! It was time to pick up my friend, Reaoma, for the movies!

THIS is what we WANTED to see!!!
We arrived right at the time for it to start and nearly every seat was filled!
We could not find three together so we went to Plan B!

This was a cute film and uplifting. We enjoyed it but will try for our first choice again next week and we will arrive EARLY in order to get good seats!

We made only one thrift store stop and I only found TWO things!!
A gallon sized zip lock bag chock full of sharpened pencils!!!
Louis Dean is always looking for a pencil!
I also found one really nice replacement cushion for Louis Dean's chair in the gazebo.
He loves it!!

I came home and put jumbo baking potatoes in the oven.
Ruth Ann brought over the cheese and sour cream and that's what we had for supper.
You can't go wrong with a good baked potato!

It was just Ruth Ann and I painting tonight!
I put the final glaze on my cactus and bluebonnets.

I  pretty much finished this Italian style painting.
There's something about it that I just love!

We also started planning on this year's Santa painting.

Ruth Ann and I both really like this one!
We hope to start it as soon as RA finishes her bluebonnet one!
I will be painting TWO of them - one for my Santa wall and one for the Fort Worth Family Chinese Christmas Tree gift exchange.

I also want to paint this one and make it look like Louis Dean and me!!
That should be fun!!

I have one more Santa to do for my sister, Nita's, birthday in November so I better get BUSY!