Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programs!

Yesterday morning I went to the doctor and am now on antibiotics and feeling much better.
While I didn't have an appointment to actually SEE the doctor (I was just dropping off a specimen so they could run the labs on it so I could GET some medicine!) I was coming out of the restroom as he was coming out of an exam room. Right there he asked me what was going on and then told me to 'hang out' for a few minutes while he ran the lab. I love it when doctors are real people and use phrases like 'Hang Out!' Within 20 minutes of arriving I walked out with a prescription and a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to make SURE the infection is gone. Talk about God's perfect timing!!

Now that I was feeling better we decided to head over to Quadville!

We arrived just as they were getting up from their naps.
They have been cat sitting Maggie for us and I think they have thoroughly enjoyed her!

They are very gentle with her and she is coming out to play more often.

Trystan is a true animal lover! ALL animals!
She is particularly good with Maggie and that little feather toy they bought for her!

THIS little girl has now added GLASSES to the list of things she 'steals' from me!
She also took my camera and turned it on AND took half a dozen pictures!

Trysan loves my dangling earrings!
Notice the Frozen shirts they are wearing??

Logan said she is a BIG GIRL!!!

 When I asked Trystan if she was a big girl, she said, "NO! I'm a baby!!"


They are loving all things FROZEN!!!

Granddad kept trying to sneak off to the guest room to take a little nap.....

but the quads kept following him in there. They said, "Granddad! Play your GEE-TAR!!"


And so he did!

Harrison decided if Granddad was going to take a rest - he would, TOO!!
So while THEY were doing that.....

the girls and I made a batch of brownies for dessert!

They all have a love affair with SHOES!!!
Trystan has the tiniest  feet and yet these look like such grown up shoes to me!

She is adorable and keeps us all laughing!!


Trystan is MESSY!!!!
I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! her laugh!!!!


After baths the kids love to DANCE before bed!!!
All about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble!


Doing the roll!!


Logan dancing with dad!!!


Then Kailey.......


and Trystan!
The girls are really quite dramatic in their dance!
I must tell you what a wonderful dad Mike is!!!
These kids are so blessed to have such great parents!


One last dance before settling down in their beds.
They go to bed fairly easily now!
We had a such a good time and it was a joy to see how much they had grown in just the 12 days we were away!

Louis Dean and I both had a good night's sleep!
I slept SIX straight hours - nearly unheard of for me!!!

One of the things I love about fall - 
Panttone for breakfast along with our coffee!!
After our reading I did my yoga!
I literally ATE my way across Colorado so I am trying to exercise and redeem my ways!

We are all unpacked with laundry done! I put out the treasures we brought home with us.
This salt lamp from Pakistan was purchased at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.

Two small framed sea shells now hang on our bedroom wall.

I found a brand new box of Yankee Candle Potpourri in the Clean Linen scent.
It was $0.99!

This is where I put what wouldn't fit in the vase.
Now I need pictures for these frames.
The C was a gift from Amber last year.

I layered the new linens on our bed. The quilted cover is beautiful and I found ONE matching pillow sham! Also from another Goodwill in Colorado I found a set of king size  Battenburg Lace pillow shams that match the set of regular ones I already had!!
LOVE all my Goodwill keepsakes from Colorado!!!

This afternoon Ruth Ann and I took in a movie - it was so so  - Earth to Echo - I think that was the name of it. We hit up a couple of Goodwills on our way back.

I made quite a haul!!
Two brand new still in the box Mikasa chip and dip trays.
One will go to my sister, Luann!
The Halloween plates will be fun to use at a Ladies Dinner and Craft night in October!

Since today was TUESDAY and we are back to our regular routine - we did ART!!!
Sabrina - in this one night - based in her entire canvas for our 'Boot Painting!'
I worked on my sister, Nita's, Santa Claus and then started on the BOOTS!

Got them based in!!!
Now next week we will begin to put in the details!!!

I have been dragging off and on all day.
Hope the meds are doing what they are supposed to be doing!!!
Tomorrow is our regular day in Quadville.
When I put Logan to bed last night she asked me if we were going to have a tea party - 
"in just a minute?"
Of COURSE, we will!!!!